Friday, October 12, 2012

Eduardo Navarro Exhibition Opens in South Africa

For those of you who live in South Africa, a once in a lifetime opportunity has come your way! To commemorate the 17th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Panama and South Africa, an exhibition is opening at Graham's Fine Art Gallery in Johannesburg. This exhibition, named "Caballos" ("Horses" in Spanish), features the equestrian artwork of Panamanian artist Eduardo Navarro. 

Navarro's is without a doubt Panama's most famous horse artist. His equestrian paintings have gained worldwide attention over the past decade. Drawing influence from the European Renaissance and Chinese horse painters of old, Eduardo Navarro has the ability to capture the sheer energy and detailed anatomy of the horse. In essence, he combines the wild spirit of the horses of the ancient Chinese painter Han Gan with the muscular anatomy of Leonardo da Vinci's horses. All touched with a dazzling variety of colors and his famous "dripping" and "hard brushing" techniques, which are used across a wide variety of canvases and textiles and make the horses seem that much more real.

Navarro's paintings have been featured in exhibitions across the world and are in a number of private collections.

Thanks to this exhibition, the general public in South Africa will have the opportunity to experience the raw energy of his horse paintings up close! The exhibition, which is endorsed by the Ministries of Art and Culture of both Panama and South Africa, runs from Oct. 18th-Dec. 16th, 2012. If you're lucky enough to be able to attend, you may not want to pass up on the chance to see the works of Panama's greatest horse artist up close!

For more about Eduardo Navarro and the "Caballos" exhibition, here are some links for you: (Exhibition homepage on the website of Graham's Fine Art Gallery)


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